Lien Lien Search provides liens searches and estoppels for residential and commercial properties.

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive are:

Why do I need a Municipal Lien Search?

A municipal lien search will provide you with additional property information not found through the title search.  A municipal lien search will investigate any debts or issues outstanding with the city or county the property is located in and not recorded with the Clerk of Courts.

What service guarantees do you offer?

We guarantee our research work  100% and we back it up with a $1 million E&O insurance policy which means reduced liability for you.

What areas does Lien Lien Search cover?

Lien Lien Search covers all 67 Florida counties and also offers Nationwide coverage!

Does a transaction involving a Condominium require a municipal lien search?

We strongly recommend that you have a lien search performed for a condominium. We often find permit and code violations on individual condominium units.

What are your average turnaround times?

Most of our searches will be returned to us in 4-5 business days. However, we rely on the processing times of the individual municipalities. We do regular follow-up calls or emails to expedite responses from cities and counties.

Is it important to perform a lien search on Vacant Land?

Yes.  Although there is no structure on the property, we frequently find code violations and fees for lot mowing  or junk and debris on the lot.  Sometimes we find open permits.

What is an HOA Estoppel?

If a property is part of a homeowners' association or condo association you will need to have an Estoppel letter/certificate to close.  This letter or certificate will find out if any fees or outstanding balances are owed to the association.